Monday, June 14, 2010

Solved ISC Sample Paper

Indian School Certificate Solved Language Paper
Fill in the blanks with appropriate words.
1. The Independence Day celebrations went off very well this year.
2. The fact that he became wealthy by being dishonest is more or less an open secret now.
3. A great deal of criticism has been levelled against the administrator for his alleged involvement in a scam.
4. This road is so full of potholes that it should be levelled off at the first opportunity by the civic authorities.
5. You can not proceed with the building plan before getting it sanctioned by the Municipality.
6. He had inquired about you on his last visit here.
6. She was wise enough not to jump at the first job offer.
7. The man makes it a point to live by honest work if even he has to remain poor.
8. The witches talked Macbeth into murdering his King by kindling the overambitious man in him.
9. My mother has a taste for Bengali literature.
10. Duncan conferred the title Thane of Cawdor on Macbeth on hearing about his valour in the battle.
11. Any attempt at forging money could be detected by this hand appliance.
12. Not many a parent encourages their children to be open with them.
13. The violin maestro was accompanied on other musical instruments by a group of talented youngsters.
14. The talks between the Maoists and the Government have broken down.
15. The strength of her convictions made it possible for her to break with the tradition of accepting corruption as a way of life.

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